INFUSION PORT PROBLEMS - Diet? [00015] Medicine On Line

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My sister who lives in Alaska was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with
bone and lung mets about 4 weeks ago.   She had a mastectomy and chemo
treatments about 2 years ago.  She is currently receiving  chemo treatments
with Taxol.  I went to visit her last week and met her doctor.

  While I was there she had a chemo treatment that went very badly.  She has
had an infusion port implanted in her chest.  When they started saline
solution to test the port, it leaked into surrounding body tissue.  The
doctor had  to insert  a hypo needle 1 1/2 inches deep to drain off the fluid
that had leaked.    Then the doctor had to administer the Taxol through a
vein in her arm.   After this incident she could not hold down food for 3
days, was extremely weak, and the area around the port swelled about 2

Is this type of incident common with an infusion port, or does it indicate
that the medical staff are incompetent, and should not be trusted for further

(The infusion port was implanted at an Army base hospital near Fairbanks, as
my sisterís husband is in the military.  But, she receives chemo at a private
cancer clinic.  To complicate matters even more, all her blood tests are done
at the Eielson Air Force base hospital.)

 What is a good diet to follow with this type of cancer and chemo
treatments??    As far as diet, the only recommendation she has received from
her doctor is to avoid milk  products and domestic meat.  I an concerned she
is not eating properly, and she has very little appetite.

Thank you

Vicki Buss
Hastings, NE