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Re: Navelbine question

I found this question on the Cancer-L listserv and thought someone in this
group might wish to address it!

>Date: Thu, 08 Jun 1995 07:29:19 -0600 (MDT)
>From: "FS Rodriquez, Christine" <RODRCHRI@FS.ISU.EDU>
>Subject: Re: Navelbine question
>Organization: Idaho State University
>Does anyone know if there would be a difference in reaction if the
>protocol were administered backward?
>Mom had been doing Cisplatin and Navelbine with the Cisplatin first
>after several hours of hydration, then a Navelbine i.v. push and
>several more hours of hydration.  The new doc (looks like a good one)
>changed it a bit and after a few hours of hydration, did a Navelbine
>*drip* first (slower release), *then* the Cisplatin and several hours
>of hydration.
>Well, this time she's so sick, she can't keep anything down and it's
>been a week since the chemo.  Or is it just that the toxins are
>building up over a period of time?
>I'm worried.  She's so weak she can hardly walk and she keeps having
>severe chest pains (has a history of angina, but not *this* bad).
>She goes in tomorrow for her plain Navelbine therapy, but she's
>starting to think twice about chemo.  I know she should try to hang
>in there since the tumor *is* shrinking, but it's getting pretty hard.
>Any expert advice?  You guys are great.
>   --Christine Rodriguez