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advice sought

My sister is 36 years old, and was diagnosed with Stage II, positive to all
hormone breast cancer about a year ago.  She underwent a mastectomy, with
removal of some lympth nodes, and chemotheraphy (sorry I don't know drug
used).  About 3 weeks ago she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, with
metastases of the bone (skull, spine, legs) and some on the lungs.

She has gone to Travis Air Force Base for diagnosis and surgery. (Her husband
is in the Air Force stationed at Eilson AFB, near Fairbanks)

She is currently being treated with chemotherapy (Taxinol?) and also is
taking Florissant? tea.

My questions are:

Does anyone have opinions or experience with military base cancer treatment
versus private cancer treatment centers?

Opinions or experience with Taxinol?  Florissant tea? 

Suggestions for alternate treatment or drugs?

Know where the Essac?  - Issac? report could be obtained? (On the use of
Florissant tea.) 

Thank you very much.
Hastings, NE