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DoseCalc OnLine is an electronic database of standard chemotherapeutic regimens together with dosage calculation software. The database and software calculator are provided "AS IS" and are intended for use only by health-care professionals familiar with dosing of oncology regimens. UltiTech, Inc. and Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. specifically DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE PRESCRIBING PHYSICIAN IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THE DECISION ON THERAPY, PRODUCT SELECTION, DOSE AND SCHEDULE.

Database Limitations

The database of regimens in DoseCalc OnLine was developed in 1993 and the software was issued in March 1994. Much like any printed handbook or text of oncology regimens, the database of regimens may become out-of-date over time since new regimens may have been published and become generally-accepted after the DoseCalc database was developed. In addition, regimens included in the DoseCalc database may have subsequently been modified based on published results of clinical trials. In using the DoseCalc OnLine software, then, HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONALS HAVE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO BE FULLY AWARE OF CURRENT PRACTICES AND STANDARDS, TO AVOID USE OF OUTDATED REGIMENS, TO EMPLOY GOOD CLINICAL JUDGMENT IN SELECTING REGIMENS/CALCULATING DOSES FOR INDIVIDUAL PATIENTS, AND TO VERIFY ALL DOSAGE CALCULATIONS obtained through use of the DoseCalc OnLine software. Computer software in general and DoseCalc OnLine in particular should NEVER substitute for up-to-date personal knowledge and good clinical judgment. Healthcare professionals with comments or questions about DoseCalc OnLine should e-mail dosecalc@meds.com.

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