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DoseCalc OnLine

How to use the Regimens
How to Use the Calculator
Disclaimer of Warranties
Database Limitations


This DoseCalc® OnLine DataBase of Oncology Regimens and calculation software contains many common combination treatment regimens for solid tumors and adult leukemias and is designed to serve as a concise database reference for use by oncology healthcare professionals.

DoseCalc OnLine is intended as a general reference only to supplement the existing knowledge of healthcare professionals. While the DoseCalc OnLine provides resources for quick access to referenced protocols, it should be recognized that many combination cancer regimens have variations.

DoseCalc OnLine does NOT provide criteria for selection of regimens or for assessment of the appropriateness of a regimen for a specific patient. DoseCalc ® OnLine does NOT include information on potential side effects of specific regimens. In short, the DoseCalc OnLine is a limited database of information and a dosage calculator, and is NOT a substitute for the sound clinical judgement of the knowledgable health professional.

Health professionals using these regimens should consult complete prescribing information before using any drug included in a regimen. It should be noted that not all drugs and dosages listed in the regimens are necessarily approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating the specific cancer.

How to use the Regimens

The regimens are organized alphabetically by type of cancer. Each entry is a hyperlink to the section on that disease.

Each disease category includes those regimens that are generally believed to be the most commonly used regimens for the specific disease. Each regimen includes a published reference. It should be noted, however, that not all drugs and dosages listed in the regimens are necessarily approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating the specific cancer.

Each listed regimen follows the following format:

  1. Type of cancer
  2. Protocol Acronym (eg: PAC)
  3. Listing of drugs in the regimen
  4. Abbreviations of drugs in regimen
  5. Dosage schedule for each drug, usually expressed in units of per meter squared of patient body area (eg: mg/m2)
    mg = milligram
    kg = kilogram
    g = gram
    mL = mililiter
    MU = megaunits
  6. Route of administration for each drug, expressed as:
    IV = IV infusion
    IVB = IV bolus
    CIV = Continous IV infusion
    IM = Intramuscular
    IT = Intrathecal
    PO = Oral
    SC = Subcutaneous
    IV (time) = IV infusion over specific time period
  7. Dosing time, expressed as:
    H = hour
    D = day
    wk = week
    /1hr = over one hour
    x4 = for four times
    q6h = every 6 hours
    qd = every day
    In reading days, a dash (-) means 'to'.
    eg: D1-4 is read 'day 1 to 4'
    In reading days, a comma (,) means 'and'
    eg: D1,5,12 is read 'days 1,5, and 12'
  8. Cycles:
    Number and timing or recommended repetitions of therapy are usually expressed as number of days (eg: q28 days)
  9. Reference:
    Citation for the protocol in abbreviated format

How to Use the Calculator

To use the calculator, first enter the patient's height and weight; the software will calculate the patient's BSA or you can enter the BSA you want to use for the dosage calculations. Then, select a disease category from the "Type of Cancer" pull-down menu. After selecting a disease category, select the protocol you wish to use from the "Regimen" pull-down menu. The software will then display the published reference regimen information in the left hand column of the display box and the patient-specific recommended dosage in the right hand column based on the BSA you have entered.

You may print out the results by clicking on the "Print Out Results" button. Click on "Prescriber" button if you want to include information about the prescriber in the print out. Click on the "Patient" button if you want to include patient information in the print out.

The reference information and calculations displayed by the DoseCalc software are fully editable so that the prescribing physician may adjust drug selection, dosages, or administration schedule for any regimen in the database.

Important: THE DOSECALC SOFTWARE DOES NOT STORE ANY INFORMATION WHICH USERS INPUT. All information which users input (eg: height and weight, prescriber name, patient name) is erased at the conclusion of every session. The server software tracks and stores only the number of times each disease and regimen is calculated.

Disclaimer of Warranties

DoseCalc OnLine is an electronic database of standard chemotherapeutic regimens together with dosage calculation software. The database and software calculator are provided \"AS IS\" and are intended for use only by health-care professionals familiar with dosing of oncology regimens.


Database Limitations

The database of regimens in DoseCalc OnLine was developed in 1993 and the software was issued in March 1994. Much like any printed handbook or text of oncology regimens, the database of regimens may become out-of-date over time since new regimens may have been published and become generally-accepted after the DoseCalc database was developed. In addition, regimens included in the DoseCalc database may have subsequently been modified based on published results of clinical trials. In using the DoseCalc OnLine software, then, HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONALS HAVE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO BE FULLY AWARE OF CURRENT PRACTICES AND STANDARDS, TO AVOID USE OF OUTDATED REGIMENS, TO EMPLOY GOOD CLINICAL JUDGMENT IN SELECTING REGIMENS/CALCULATING DOSES FOR INDIVIDUAL PATIENTS, AND TO VERIFY ALL DOSAGE CALCULATIONS obtained through use of the DoseCalc OnLine software. Computer software in general and DoseCalc OnLine in particular should NEVER substitute for up-to-date personal knowledge and good clinical judgment. Healthcare professionals with comments or questions about DoseCalc OnLine should e-mail dosecalc@meds.com.

DoseCalc is a registered trademark of Glaxo Wellcome Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC

©Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998 Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.

Selling, distributing, publishing, circulating, or commercially exploiting this electronic database and software program without the express written permission of Glaxo Wellcome Inc. and UltiTech, Inc. is prohibited. Use of the database and software shall not convey any ownership right, title or interest, nor any security or other interest in any intellectual property rights relating to the database and software nor in any copy of any part of the database and software.

Glaxo Wellcome

Medicine OnLine and UltiTech have no liability for content or goods on the Internet except as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of service.

Please read the Disclaimer of Warranties before using information contained in this section.

© Copyright 1995-2000 UltiTech, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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